Why You Must Hire a Professional Piano Mover


Hiring an expert piano mover to help you transport your grand piano could be costly. But, it may be worth your money. Transporting is a difficult task that needs travelling, lifting, packing, and planning. 

Piano Mover

Here are several reasons why you must hire an expert piano mover to move your instrument.  


Piano moving firms would always have the proper tools to move your instrument and other heavy furniture and appliances. A grand piano is a very heavy instrument and it would require at least two individuals to transport even the smallest grand piano. On the other hand, piano moving firms don’t only have the manpower. They also have specialized tools to easily move your piano. They would have protective covering, pulleys, dollies, and other tools required to make sure that your piano is efficiently and safely transported. 

Piano moving firms are efficient because they have the experience, aside from having proper tools. They have the knowledge on what to do with the instrument and how to transport it so that it will not suffer from any scratches. Your piano would be insured by the company if damage happens when moving. This means that they would pay for the damages if they break something. 

Save your Precious Time 

Transporting valuables is frequently stressful and chaotic. Especially if you are doing the move by yourself, there are a lot of details to manage. You will have to take care of the things in the new place and old place at once. Kids, if you have, would require attention and would probably be nitpicking due to the changes. The people around you would also become cranky and stressed when you are cranky and stressed.  

On the other hand, hiring a piano moving company would make the move simpler as you only require handling personal stuff, such as your children and family. You do not have to worry about the instrument and whether they could transport it around the tight portion of your home since these professionals have knowledge of what they’re doing.  

Keep Family and Friends 

Last, but not the least, your family and friends would not regret having you in their life. Transporting is a difficult task and transporting a grand piano is a lot harder. They may even be thankful that you hired a professional. All of us love our family and friends. However, moving is hard work and very stressful. It is okay to ask for help for small stuff, such as making sure that the children are fed and entertained or ensuring that the boxes are correctly labeled. However, asking them to lift physically heavy musical instrument and other things could strain relationships. Invite your friends and family for send off or for the housewarming. However, do not invite them from the actual transportation. 

Transporting a heavy instrument is a hassle. It is not a simple task for people without experience. Leave the move to the professionals if you ever need one.